Santa Ana Winds Whip up Wildfires: L.A. Calls for Evacuations

Santa Ana Winds Whip up Wildfires: L.A. Calls for Evacuations

Wildfires raging in southern California have destroyed hundreds of homes; others in the Bel-Air area are reportedly ablaze.  The morning commute looked like a scene from a disaster movie.

L.A. Times: “The fire also caused massive gridlock along one of the city’s most congested commuter corridors. Caltrans announced the full closure of the 405 Freeway between the 101 and 10 Freeways. It has also closed all onramps onto the 405.”

The Los Angeles Police Department has ordered the evacuation of homes along Casiano Road, Moraga Drive and Linda Flora Drive. Residents of Mandeville Canyon and Sullivan Canyon should be prepared for evacuation the department said.

Firefighters say they expect the fires to come under control by Friday. Hot, dry Santa Ana winds whipped up the blazes, which Reuters reports is named the Thomas Fire. “It broke out on Monday evening in the foothills above Ventura. Winds quickly drove it west into the city some 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles.”

Fox News reports 150,000 Los Angeles-area residents have been forced from their homes. Some 11,000 acres are scorched. What a way to close out the year for area residents. So far, no loss of life reported. A rebuilding year for hundreds of thousands of California residents in southern and Northern California after major wildfires wiped out homes and infrastructure.

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September 12, 2017